Helping the World to See

One of the major issue facing our generation is the focus on profit and the deep divide between companies and people. At our mission statement is to provide a successful retail environment coupled with a duty (more like a privilege) to give back to our world community at large.  There are many living in our global community who cannot afford the basic needs that many of us take for granted. For some being able to afford prescription glasses is a luxury.  In some corners of the earth there are those who have never seen and eye doctor let alone been fitted for prescription glass

This is where we come in,  in association with OneSight (a wonderful charity founded by our partners a Luxottica) will donate a pair of optical frames or an equivalent in a monetary donation, for every pair of $99 opticals sold.  It is this small effort that we hope to affect many.  The gift of seeing clearly is something take for granted.  Let's help the world to see one pair of glasses at a time.