Free Lenses on Gaffos

For far too long, opticians have been charging huge markups to the customer, for
basic prescription lenses. That ends today! now officially offers free
single vision lens on nearly all our optical and sunglasses frames (see excluded
product link). Seeing, is believing! So go for it! Try us! It’s really free!!

Which Lenses Are Free?

All single vision, optical and sunglasses lens are free. The lens is a very high quality plastic CR 39 lens, half the weight of a conventional glass lens, with low shatter risk and a 1.50 index. This lens is made and cut and installed in the USA (GO! AMERICA!)

Are Sunglasses Lenses Also Free?

Yes, of course… we don’t discriminate against you for looking fabulous!! (or dapper). We do offer lens color upgrades as well, gradient, mirror…

Which Lenses Are Not Free?

If you want to upgrade your lens it’s going to cost you $, but not too much. We don’t want to limit you to just one type of lens, we offer a number of different options all at discounted rates. From progressive to super thin high index, we offer it all. Again all made, cut and installed in the USA.

Which Frames Are Not Included?

Great question……… The only items that are not included in the free lens option, are frames that are rimless or non RX’able. About 98% of our catalog are non-rimless and RX’able (can install a prescription lens) so you’re covered for the vast majority of our frames.

Can I Return An Item With a Free Lens?

Yes, however you must include the original non RX’ed lens that came with order (all orders will come with the original non RX lens.

What Should I Do With All The Money I’m Saving?

Go spend it on something nice for yourself, (maybe another pair of glasses from Gaffos) you deserve it!!